Accommodations at Summer Camp

Accommodations at Summer Camp

At SUMMER CAMP FRANCE, we believe that quality accommodations are essential for the well-being of our campers. That’s why our programs are exclusively held in top-tier hotels.

Our Campers Stay at the 4**** Hotel Mont-Blanc

A Legendary Hotel in Megève

The rooms and suites at Hôtel Mont-Blanc in Megève are designed with an arty, chic, and couture aesthetic. Each room is unique and offers stunning views of the village and mountains.

Campers are accommodated in either double rooms or suites (for up to 4 people) decorated in an Alpine style that ensures peace, comfort, and relaxation.

This hotel provides a relaxing and laid-back ambiance, blending tradition with modern comforts. Ideally located in the village center, it offers breathtaking mountain views.

We are proud to be the only camp organizers offering such high-standard accommodations.

Room Allocation Criteria

  • Same gender
  • Same age group
  • Different native languages

Safety and security are our top priorities at our summer camp. Counselors’ rooms are situated next to the campers’ rooms to ensure their safety.

We understand the importance of rest and tailor bedtimes according to the campers’ needs, varying by age and the day’s activities.

To foster a family-style atmosphere, we limit the number of children per session. This helps us create a multicultural environment and ensures the well-being of each camper.


Meals are served in the hotel restaurant, with menus prepared by a chef who ensures a balanced diet and considers the preferences of the children. We can accommodate special dietary needs (vegetarian, gluten-free, religious requirements, etc.) with prior notice.