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Year after year, families tell us why they choose SUMMER CAMP FRANCE as the top destination for their children to spend their summer vacations and have the most enjoyable experience ever.

Missions and Objectives

SUMMER CAMP FRANCE is a European camp for children and teens from 6 to 16 years old from all around the world.

We offer vacations with a multitude of activities and, in addition, a complete language training program, all in the heart of the French Alps.
The children can develop their linguistic skills, discover new activities and other cultures.
Our language camps not only offer the opportunity to learn a foreign language but also encourage the campers to discover new cultures, make new friends from all around the world, and enjoy diverse activities, to learn to live and work with others, to participate in an international community and, more importantly, grow with these experiences.
Everything is in place to instill a climate of confidence and we encourage the campers to actively participate in their learning to progress and communicate with ease.
We use multiple intelligences in our language training program and throughout the day. One of the missions of SUMMER CAMP FRANCE is to teach each camper to learn about themselves, to blossom by exploring all their talents, to be the best they can be.
All of this takes place in an environment which is friendly and secure, for us the essential building blocks of constructive and stimulating learning.

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  • Daily intensive language lessons with qualified and experienced teachers: classes limited to 8 children for faster progression.
  • Great staff with the team present at all times with the children. A ratio of 1 qualified adult for 5 children.
  • Sports activities managed by qualified and experienced professionals.
  • Quality of the accommodations in a prestigious hotel (bathroom in each room) and meals served at the table.
  • Megève, an authentic and unspoilt mountain resort with exceptional views, in a safe and secure environment.
  • An international clientele, a real cultural mix.
  • More than 25 years of experience organizing camps
  • A camp which adapts to each child and looks after them individually in a family atmosphere.
  • Individual care and attention for each and every child.
  • Number of children limited to 50 to ensure individual attention.
  • Cultural interaction between the children from different origins (minimum of 8 nationalities per session).
  • Arrive and depart at your convenience : possibility of transfers to and from the airport at any time and the possibility of flexibility with arrival and departure dates.
  • Special diets catered for (medical, religious, allergies, weight …). Will take into account any issues raised beforehand (medical or emotional).
  • Camp Director available by telephone 24 hours a day to discuss with parents.

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