The Best Accommodation

The quality of the accommodations:
At International Language Camps we consider the quality of the accommodations to be an essential condition for the well being of our campers, and therefore our programs are organized solely in top quality hotels.The children appreciate their stay in one of the twin rooms (2 to 4 people) decorated in the Alpine style synonymous with calm, comfort and relaxation.
We are the only camp organizers in France to propose accommodations of this quality.
Children are allocated their rooms depending on the following criteria: same sex, same age group, different native languages.
As safety and security are of top importance in our camps, the counselors’ rooms are situated close to the children’s rooms, on the same floor.
We are very conscious of allowing the campers time to rest, depending on their needs. Bedtime varies, therefore, depending on their age and the activities planned in the program.
To maintain an organization at a comfortable level, we deliberately limit capacity to 50 children. This allows us to create a multicultural dynamic and to look after the well being of each of our participants.
The meals:
Children have their lunch in a restaurant near the school and dinner in the restaurant of the hotel. The menus are prepared by the chefs who takes into account a balanced diet and the tastes of the children.
We can organize special menus (vegetarian, gluten-free etc); we just need to be advised in advance.
The school:
The language lessons and the creative and artistic workshops are held in a school in Megève close to the hotel. We are therefore able to use all of the established infrastructure (classrooms, sports facilities…).
Day camp
If you already have accommodations in or around Megève, the “Day Camp” formula is perfect for you. Every day from 9am to 5.30 pm, you can follow the daily program including the language lessons, lunch and the activities.
Please note that in this case the daily transport to and from the school is not organized by International Language Camps.